David Crafting Bronze Bird

Any sculpture, which has not already been found in David’s online gallery, can be privately commissioned. Your imagination, (and David's), are the only limits. The piece can range from a small casting or pet-portrait to a tabletop, life sized or monumental outdoor installation. He'll be happy to collaborate with you to create just what you'd like. This way you can see the original clay model before it’s ever cast in bronze.

Please contact David with your questions and ideas about commissioning a piece. The procedure for commissioned work usually follows this basic framework and will be modified around the specifics of each case:

1. Details of the job are discussed with the artist. (Examples): Subject matter, design, size, schedule, location to be delivered, shipped or installed and costs associated with each.

2. A commission contract is drawn up, agreed upon and signed by client and artist.

3. A deposit of 1/3 is made to the artist and work is started with a clay maquette (a miniature, which is often done to scale). This is when the basic design and composition of the piece is laid out and altered if necessary. Upon final approval by the client, modeling proceeds to actual size.

4. When actual sized modeling is finished and approved by the client, payment of the second 1/3 is due. Next, a mold of the original will be made and the step-by-step process of lost-wax casting will be executed at the foundry to translate the clay models into bronze.

5. When the foundry work is finished all the way through patina (which imparts the specific color and luster to the bronze), the piece will be checked and approved by the artist. The final payment of 1/3 is then due. Arrangements will be made with the client for shipment, delivery or installation as indicated in the contract.