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Otter Slide Show

"In the Moment"

River Otter Fountain
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Gallery Introduction

After David creates an original sculpture in clay or wax, a mold is made and the final piece is done in hot-cast bronze using the traditional lost-wax process. This technique has long been revered in the art world for quality, longevity and value.

Editions are limited and only one artist’s proof is created outside that number. The unique number of each piece within the edition is cast into the bronze along with David’s signature and the date of creation. When an edition sells out, the mold is broken and no identical sculpture will ever be made again.

Bronzes of any size or subject can be created for indoors or outdoors, home or business, private or public institutions, corporations, parks, gardens and estates (See COMMISSIONS page for details). They also make heirloom quality gifts and can be used to raise money for many worthy causes and larger installations of life sized or momumental sculptures.

David will be happy to help you design a program that fits your needs for fundraising or project specifications.